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Smart Money Academy™ has an accreditation through AdvancED, which is known as the Corporation Systems Accreditation. With this form of accreditation, we have the ability to have a proven mark of legitimacy with our entire curriculum. Our unique form of content delivery within the centralized learning management system allows for as systematic approach to learning that cannot be found anywhere else.

Our Digital Online accreditation is overseen by Hudu University, and the AdvancED accreditation clearly defines a new benchmark in Digital Online Learning standards. We adhere to these rigid accreditation standards, and content is created with the same standards that the educational institutions across the country abide by.

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At Smart Money Academy™ our concept is to teach individuals intelligent strategies, processes and best practices for how to think and make decisions about money. We teach principles and practices that have been used throughout the ages by the most successful individuals the world has known. We create and prepare the best content available, package it to address every learning style, and deliver it through the best Learning Management System (LMS). At Smart Money Academy™, we empower students to chart their own course for learning using our unique delivery system, the Learning Management System (LMS) platform. The Smart Money Academy™ LMS is a delivery system that includes the benefits of interaction, collaboration, and process learning. We provide an online experience like no other, and no matter the path you choose, you will walk away with badges, certificates, or course credits. This equates to real-world education and the ability to demonstrate your skills and core competency in the market place.

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